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Suspicious Circumstances in Disputed Wills
Estate Planning for Registered Education Savings Plans
Legal Issues:Young v. Abercrombie
Executors Accounts
Role of an Estate Planning Lawyer
Wills and Estate Planning-Charitable Trusts
Renouncing Executorships.
To Whom Do You Pay Taxes if You Live in Two Provinces?
If You Transfer a Half-Interest In Your Home to Another, Can You Get It Back?
Private Care Agreements
Wills and Estates
An Odd Case in the Credenza
Wills and Estates: Sometimes It Just Doesn't Add Up
Exemption from Property Transfer Tax on Transfer of Principal Residence to a Relative
Wills and Estate Planning:
A Joint Tenancy Gone Wrong
The Rule Against Accumulations
The Pitfalls of Haphazard Planning
What does the phrase "per stirpes" mean?
Compensation for Car Accident Injuries
The Wills Variation Act of British Columbia: Myths and Facts
Reviewing and Changing Your Will
Wills and Estate Planning
Wills and Estate Planning:
What Happens When a Person Dies with Greater Debts than Assets?
Grandparent's Access to Grandchildren?
Wills and Estates
Chowdhury v. Argenti
Wills and Estates: Common Disasters
The Rule in Saunders v. Vautier
Proposed Change to the Wills Variation Act
Reducing Your Children's Income Taxes with Trusts
Why I Meet Alone With My Estate Planning Clients
Disability Benefits
A Power of Attorney and A Parent's Autonomy
Administering Small Estates
The Family Chalet
Wills and Estate Planning: In Terrorem Clauses
Slips and Falls
Two Recent Supreme Court of Canada Decisions Highlight the Pitfalls of Using Joint Accounts as Inter
Principlel Residence Exemption
Unsolicited Goods and Services
Mutual Wills
The Terri Schiavo Case: Could it Happen Here?
Time-Share Contracts
The Mysterious Disappearance of Gregory James Cyr
Responsibilities of an Attorney acting under a Power of Attorney
Interpreting a Will: A Case Study
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