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Barb Shave

Barbara was a teacher in Medicine Hat where she also raised two children, many animals and enough produce to feed a small nation on an acerage.Holidays meant roughing it in an Idaho cabin or canoe-camping on some wild river. Barb also acted in musical theatre, rang hand bells and sang women's barbershop. Later she was an emergency disaster responder. She and her husband moved to Crowsnest Pass to pursue their wilderness retirement dreams in 1996 and shortly thereafter he passed away. In 2001 she came to Kelowna to find a new lilfe. "I resisted my compulsion to write until I was widowed. Then writing became my catharsis. When others enjoyed my scribbles, writing became my new reason to be."

Barb's first book, Raven Tricks, is comprised of creative non-fiction articles, many previously published here in Seniors CHOICE. She hopes to publish a second book in 2008. Follow this link to learn more: 

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