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Between You and Me
Is a Bus Tour Right for You?

We have just finished our first bus tour travel in Europe and were asked to share our thoughts on visiting the UK in this way. Our previous visits to England had been independent and had worked well but this time we wanted to see a wider area and did not want the stress of driving on the ‘wrong' side of the road.
We chose a 12-day tour of Wales and Ireland, followed by a 5-day tour of Devon and Cornwall, with extra days in London before the tour began and then between tours one and...

Vet's top five lifestyle tips for your mature adult pet
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Life after age seven
Like many finer things in life, pet owners might argue that their four-legged friends only get better with age. However, as pets grow older, their owners cannot ignore their changing needs.
"As animals mature, their bodies change," says Dr. Clayton MacKay, Director of Veterinary Affairs at Hill's Pet Nutrition Canada. "It's...


Essential Tips for Mature Workers
Essential tips for mature workers
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Retirement Planning:

For several years now, studies have shown that the Canadian labour force is shrinking. In fact, some conclude that we're now in a crisis situation. As a result, many older workers who would otherwise be retired have chosen to keep working. For some, it offers new challenges and a way to stay vital and sharp. But for other...


4-H for Three Generations
When rancher Wilson Clifton established the 4-H beef club in Keremeos in the 1950s, he also began a family tradition of 4-H participation that has continued into the third generation.
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Last month, Wilson's four granddaughters—Marla, 18, and sisters Cassie, 19, Trisha, 17, and Megan, 15—won tops honours at Okanagan 4-H beef competitions. Trish...


Senior Pets
Still strong at seven - What it means to have a mature adult pet

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While the two-legged, seven-year-old in your family is just getting started, the four-legged one is starting to slow down; for small breed cats and dogs, age seven signals the beginning of their mature years, while the golden years start at age five for large breed dogs.

"Seven seems like such a young age," says Dr. Diane Frank, Presid...

Veranda Beach

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When I was a child, the parade ground was our playground. The Long Branch army barracks on the shores of Lake Ontario near Toronto was changed into housing at the end of the Second World War. My twin sister and my brothers and I would run with all the other youngsters onto the green after supper on long summer evenings to play games. Most girls skipp...

Grandparents Support
Grandma and grandpa's part-time daycare

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In today's hectic world where many moms and dads are working longer hours, grandparents are now more actively involved in the day-to-day activities of their grandchildren. While providing routine childcare for grandchildren is a great opportunity for grandparents to develop a more meaningful connection with the grandkids, it also means seniors need...

Health and Nutrition
Back to basics: Five power foods for boomers
Baby boomers face a unique set of health issues and challenges. While many turn to vitamins and supplements to help protect their health, research suggests eating a variety of 'real foods' may be beneficial.
"I suggest that boomers return to their 'real food' roots," says Helene Charlebois, RD, Ottawa-based Registered Dietitian/nutritionist. "The focus for boomers is vitality of life and longevity. I suggest eating a variety of foods from each of the food groups. Eating foods from "as close...


Dangers When Women Drink
Why the "one drink an hour" rule doesn't work for women
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As Canada holds its first National Day of Remembrance for Road Crash victims, Transport Canada is reminding everyone about the dangers of drinking of driving.
One interesting fact many people may be unaware of is that women are more likely to reach higher blood alcohol concentrations than men after consuming the same amount of alcohol. Not only are w...


Allergy Safe Recipes
Lucy Waverman recipes for people with life-threatening allergies
Delicious Cake for Allergy Sufferers

Recognizing the difficulties many people at risk for severe, potentially fatal allergic reactions can face when preparing meals, renowned Canadian food writer Lucy Waverman has created a selection of easy-to-prepare recipes which omit some of the more common allergens, including peanuts, milk products, eggs and shellfish. The award-winning cookbook author, whose husband has a life-threatening peanut allergy, hopes to inspire other Canadians who hav...


Blood-injection-injury phobias

By Dr. Paul Latimer

Almost everyone has a friend or family member who claims to faint whenever they need to get a vaccination or to have a blood sample taken.

Sometimes these individuals are seen as overly squeamish about something that really isn't very serious. In reality, a lot of people suffer from a phobia of blood, injections and injury. Rather than simply wanting attention, these people have serious, persistent fear and really do faint when exposed to situatio...


Earth Talk
Toxic Household Cleaners
Dear EarthTalk: I've read that household cleaners contain cancer-causing toxic ingredients. What should I do, then, to keep my house clean but also safe for my kids?? -- Christine Stewart, via e-mail

While much of the research is mixed or inconclusive, a variety of human and animal studies have linked chemicals common in household cleaning products with a wide range of health risks.

The most offensive common ingredients, according to a 2006 study by the University of Califo...


Save with Insulation
How's your head for savings?

(NC)-An Ipsos Reid survey recently found more than 90 per cent of Canadian homeowners agree that it's important to reduce their impact on the environment and to reduce energy use in their home to save money.

As a homeowner you might care about the environment and saving money, but do you have the right stuff to make it happen? Taking this little quiz from can help you tell:

1. True or false: Increasing insulation R-value f...

Canadian Culture
Stresses in multiculturalism focus of diversity symposium

Canadians' reputation for being too polite often comes across as simply being dishonest, according to a junior high and adult English-as-a-Second-Language teacher in Calgary.
Kate Franks, who works with newcomers from countries and cultures from around the world, said the level of tact is so high in Canada that often her students don't find Canadians to be forthright. That translates into being dishonest, she said, not in the literal sense but, by trying too hard to be polite, it acco...


Tips for fall lawns and garden care

The cool, wet months of the fall are ideal conditions to prepare your lawn and garden for the cold months ahead. Here are a few tips to help your garden survive the winter and thrive in the spring:
. Remove any debris, leaves and diseased foliage from your lawn and garden.
. Continue to mow your lawn at a height of around 2.5 inches as long as it is actively growing.
. Overseed and aerate your lawn. The cool and wet conditions of fall make it the perfect time to overseed you...


Anniversary Coffee Cake with Chocolate Cinnamon Streusel

McCormick Canada can trace its history back to 1883, when it sold only one food product, coffee. Two years later, extracts, baking powder and spices were added to the line. Today, McCormick Canada no longer sells coffee, but is the largest spice, dry sauce, seasonings, extract and specialty foods operation in the country. The acquisition of Billy Bee honey in 2008 has added to the company's diversity. This recipe celebrates the 125thAnniversary of McCormick Canada by combining ingredients fro...