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Between You and Me
What Was Old is New Again
The Seniors CHOICE, over the past two years, has carried several stories about people supporting the philosophy of the ‘100 Mile Diet' and farmers and gardeners collecting and sharing ‘heritage' seeds. In the early days of the ‘Diet' most followers were looked on as weird, hippy crackpots – but no longer. Thanks to the sky-high price of oil, the idea of communities becoming self sufficient in food now seems forward thinking and revolutionary!
JUNE 2008
JUNE 2008
Dodi Morrison
Spring Tours in the West – Why Not?
I recently had a chance to spend a little time in Vancouver and BurnabySample Image
and thoughtful relatives drove me around to see the area's spring loveliness—which is considerable. So many of the older streets are lined with flowering trees, Cherry or Japanese Plum, and they are a stirring sight. The azaleas too, are splendid. I kept envisioning a tour. We'd...


Senior Sports Person
Elsie Oates – Golf into her 97th Year.
Sample ImageIt wasn't as though her family was into golfing but her interest began in her mid-teens. When she was initially introduced to golf she really didn't like the game. However, something made her stick to the game and while following the positive example of her then boyfriend she was smitten by the golfing bug if not by the gentleman himself. So began a life-long a...

Her Love of Animals became her Business
Last summer, when friends of Summerland resident Lindsey Redlich asked her to care fSample Imageor their new puppy, she decided to investigate the potential for a pet and livestock care business. Today, Lindsey owns and operates Pet Home Support which keeps her busy fulltime, provides part time employment for six assistants and continues to grow rapidly.
"It all bega...


I Love New York- of the North West

Every year a friend of mine flies to New York City to indulge in theatre, shopping and gouSample Imagermet dining. I have envied her in a way, but now I have found a place to rival NYC and it is only a leisurely 4.5 hour drive from Kelowna. In fact I think Spokane, Washington, rivals New York in many ways. Here a few little known facts - Wall Street was in Spokane firs...

Lynn Dewing
R. J. Haney Heritage Village Honours Salmon Arm’s Past
Sample ImageJust south of the Highway 1 intersection on Highway 97B is the 40-acre R. J. Haney Heritage Village, one of Salmon Arm's best-kept secrets. Not that the museum isn't busy, with 12,000 visitors a year, but according to curator Deborah Chapman most of these visitors are tourists or locals attending special events.

Kate Vician – An Indomitable Lady
Sample ImageKate Vician is the kind of strong and independent woman that I have always admired. Even the word indomitable seems inadequate to describe her. She has survived the loss of her mother to tuberculosis at age nine, being unwanted by more than one stepmother, the bombing of Berlin during WWII, the atrocities inflicted on her by enemy soldiers at the tender age of...

Gray Matters
Class Reunion
It would be great to see my high school pals but I also dreaded our reunion. Forty-nine yearsSample Image earlier, these pals and I snickered behind our books at reunions of other funny-looking codgers. Now we were codgers.
Not wishing to be snicker material myself, I began well in advance to disguise my codgerism. Gasps of admiration would mark my sweeping entrance:...


Focus on the Arts
Local Bluegrass Group to Lose Part of its Heart – Emil and Alberta Roy
It is an unfortunate, sad and sorry note that will precede the most active portion of the Bluegrass FestivalSample Image Schedule this year. The Summerland Bluegrass Group will be saying goodbye to two of its most active and talented members - Emil and Alberta Roy. Resident in Kelowna the Roys joined the Summerland Group where they provided active leadership, organizational...

Senior Sports
The Ladies of the Links
Sample ImageIn our sports article last month we wrote about Senior Golf Groups springing up throughout the Okanagan. We have noticed, as well, that there is another rapidly growing segment of the population that have discovered the beneficial effects of the game of golf. Whatever the reason for the infusion of their numbers it is pleasant to see the ladies of the valley t...

Magnificent Mandevilla Vines
If you are looking for something different when you're out shopping in the garden centers, give the Mandevilla vines a second or third look. I purchased one a couple of years ago and simply love them.
They belong to the family Apocynaceae and their origins are Southeast Brazil, so they are grown as an annual or wintered indoors.
There are about 100 species of Mandevilla formerly called Diplatena. Zoned 8-9 they are only hardy to approximately 40 F but I have had good success overwinter...