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Each month we get letters and emails from readers who tell us how much they enjoy the variety of interesting articles that we offer. The letters, etc. mean a lot to us, so keep writing! These notes of support also often include extras like suggestions on other interesting people that we might like to interview, favorite recipes to share, poems they have written, pics of the grandchildren, and brief notes on things they are doing that they especially enjoy.

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October 2007
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Lynn Dewing
A Cowboy Turns to Making Saddles
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Ray Gale has four saddles waiting to be refurbished and one that that he is making from scratch for a customer, but he knows that he will spend much of his day talki...


Focus on the Arts
Mrs Mary O’Shea – Singer/Guitarist
Sample ImageMary O'Shea was born in Raynes Park southwest of London, England in 1914. She remembers growing up in a house filled with her mother's singing. Mary's mother was a member of a women's choir and honed her vocal skills through constan...

Dodi's Adventure with the CBC
Dodi's Adventure with the CBC

I was musing recently about the 3 times I was able to be part of CBC programming. In spite of moves, which caused interruptions, these were episodes that I enjoyed -- and which happened into my life, sometimes without any anticipation!

Early in our marriage; when we lived in Trail, BC. I found myself conscripted by the Library to choose books for the Children's Section. Always passionate about books for children, I accepted the position with alacrity. Having two small boys of my...

Debby Helf – Actress and Activist
Sample ImageFrom the tender age of four when she was staging plays for her family in San Francisco, to the present, Debby Helf has indulged her passion for all things theatrical. Her eyes sparkle, generating a chuckle as she says:<...

Treatment of Perianal Fistulas in Dogs

Perianal fistulas is a chronic, progressive condition in which ulcers and draining sores develop around the anus of dogs. Some of these sores can be quite deep and extensive.? The cause is unknown.? German shepherd dogs are most often affected and the disease can become very painful.? Symptoms include pain upon defecation, constipation, bleeding around the anus, licking around the anus, and anal stricture.

Luckily, there is a proven treatment that has demonstrated a very g...


Hollywood and Vine Vineyards a Winning Combination!

 Betty and Neil Massey's dream of providing customers with wine from their own organic vineyard came true in late June when Hollywood & Vine Estate Vineyards in Summerland opened its doors.
Sample ImageNelson, jewel of the West Kootenays, was overtaken by flower children in the late sixties. They came to dodge the US draft or to simply hunker down with Mother Nature in that spectacular setting. Far from government snoops and proponents of water fluoridation, they intended to live off that land with flocks of kids, of both the goat and human varieties, all unvaccinated and born the natural way.