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Chandeliers of crystal
tinkling jewels
reflecting light
through the delicate kiss
of sun on ice.

A writer of poetry and books with a healing message, Lorraine Milton is indulging her passion for writing as she continues her own healing and spiritual journey. Her first book Step By Step to Grace; A Spiritual Walk Through the Bible and the Twelve Steps was published in 2002 and is widely read. It’s available through any book store or the Okanagan Regional Library system.

TSample Imagehe book followed a career of working with people in recovery as well as years of education in the field of theology and spiritual guidance. Milton holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and a Master’s Degree in Theology; she completed a certificate program in Advanced Clinical Pastoral Education and a two year program in Spiritual Guidance. While she was completing the educational program she set for herself, Milton was also working as a Chaplain Consultant in a drug rehabilitation centre. Burning the candle at both ends took its toll on her. She literally burned out and was forced to stop working. Giving up the job she loved and had been devoted to for 8 years was a great loss.  She felt her world had come to an end as she grieved for the life that had been taken from her. Out of that pain, her first book was born. 

Health issues and a need to recover from the grief of losing her husband to emphysema brought Milton to Kelowna in 2004. Since living in Kelowna, she has made a remarkable recovery due in large part to social connections and physical activities through the Newcomers Club. Playing Bridge and writing keep her mentally active. A congenial walking group provided a good dose of laughter; cross country skiing took her outdoors in winter.
“Everything I do outdoors fulfills my spirit.”

Milton has recently connected with a meditation group which also nurtures her spirit. She joined the Caring Clowns of the Central Okanagan (CCOCO) to meet her need to give to her community. She does this by visiting care homes as Lollipop, believing that it is in giving that we receive. Her life is regaining balance and good things are happening once more.

Milton has begun to write a second book, with a working title of Cameos of Courage. The idea for this book came about as she was constantly amazed at people’s resilience and ability to overcome the hardships that life handed them with dignity, grace and courage. She wondered why some people were able to rise above the challenges and others became bitter. Milton believes that this is possible through faith as well as the power of love and acceptance of loved ones. Ten people have been interviewed to be profiled in the book. A publisher is yet to be found but Milton is not concerned and says:
“I have faith that this book is meant to be published and it will be.”
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Another of her poems speaks to her abiding faith.

Flow deeper, deeper
to the source
    where primal waters flow
    and mysteries unfold
    in the sanctuary
    of the soul.

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