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Dormant Oil spraying should be done on fruit trees and roses before the leaf buds open.
Now is a really great time to prepare your tomato bed for planting, calcium is slow release and by digging it in to your tomato bed now the soil has time to assimilate the calcium for release when the plants need it. I recommend also applying some Epsom salts at this time.This way your tomatoes will be free of end rot [the calcium] and extremely sweet [the Epsom salts].
Now is also the time when many of us are pruning back trees shrubs and perennials.Flowering shrubs that bloom before the first of July should be pruned in the fall rather than the spring or you will loose this years flowers.

A good rule for pruning roses is to prune when the forsythia is in bloom. You need to prune while your roses are still dormant but after the danger of hard frost that will damage the newly pruned rose canes. Look for dead or damaged canes and cut back to live wood.  Also remove all weak and willowy stems.

Lavender should be lightly pruned to remove last year’s blossoms, but not drastically into woody stems.
Grasses should have old dead foliage removed by shearing fairly close to the ground before new growth starts.
Coppicing or pruning back heavily will stimulate growth of new shoots on shrubs. This is done to produce bigger bolder foliage and force more flowers or fruit, and too keep plant in bounds. This is usually done in early spring, before new growth emerges.  Smoke bush, Butterfly bush, Trumpet vine, Blue mist shrub, Pee Gee Hydrangea, Firethorn, Pussy Willow and Tamarix all benefit from heavy pruning.

Prune to the outside of a trees branch collar for fast healing and good tree health. This is the swelling located at the base of the branch where it arises from another limb or the trunk.  It houses protective chemicals that help keep disease from invading the parent limb.  The branch collar will shut out any passing pathogens.

Slant pruning cuts away from the bud to encourage water to run off. This will help keep the bud healthy so it can grow and prosper.
Lindi Karmason

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