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Active Sports for Active Seniors - Aug 2007 - The BC Seniors Games

- Jerry Flaman -

Through our column in the Seniors Choice, we attempt in our own small way to encourage seniors to remain physically active in a wide variety of challenging physical activities. Of course, our youth and organizational nature tend to promote the physical activities in a team context .If we have been successful in our efforts to encourage it is in no small part due to the seniors who continue to give us ideas for our stories and who suggest the names of deserving active seniors to people our Senior Sports Personality of the Month column. It is mostly through the efforts of small local groups that seniors stay active and involved. For that, we remain truly thankful.

However, it is timely for us to highlight the BC Seniors Games because it takes skilful organization and a lot of hard work to provide a venue whereby seniors can display their talents, skills and fitness on a grand scale. The BC Seniors Games Society is presenting the 20th Annual BC Seniors Games in the Bastion City of Nanaimo from September 12 - 15, 2007. The BC Seniors Games Society was organized in 1987 with the assistance of the Recreation and Sports Branch of the Provincial government. The Games Society exists for the expressed purpose of promoting active participation in sport and recreation for BC seniors.

The Society, representing BC seniors, is responsible for organizing the BC Seniors Games held in late summer each year. The Seniors Games are one small way seniors continue to enrich their lives, stay active and keep fit. As with all senior activities, participation is the aim, with socialization and competition a secondary consideration. After all the NHL, NFL and NBA scouts probably won't be picking up anyone's options or signing them to a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract. Perspective, consideration and respect for each other are essential elements in senior sport if it is to remain fun!

The society has organized the province into 12 zones. An organizing committee in each zone is responsible for local funding, coordination, registration of participants and local playdowns for each event. Participants are responsible for their own expenses; however, each zone tries to subsidize a portion of the expenses through fund raisings and corporate sponsorships.

Through it all, it is important to remember that the purpose of the event is to encourage seniors to remain an active part of our overall society. To that end, the Society does some wonderful work providing a venue highlighting the best of the best in our growing senior ranks. To those who don't take the opportunity to participate in the Seniors Games we say just continue to keep active participating in your local organizations.

It is through your efforts in your local communities and clubs that participants are found and supported so they can represent your community at the Games. For more info go to the Society website at bcseniorsgames.org/index.php & the Nanaimo site at: nanaimoseniorsgames.com
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